Create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection on your computer.

Go to network connections and select Create a new connection

On win XP it looks like this:


The next screen looks like this:  Select Next.

On the next screen select: Connect to a network at my workplace   Hi?


Choose to create a VPN connection  & Next


On the next screen Give it a name:


And then decide if you will do the Internet connection yourself  or you can choose your dialup connection. If you are always connected to the internet you choose the top option.

Next you enter the internet address of our service provider’s server:


It is



I suggest you put a icon on the desktop and click finish.


Now you double click the connection: and receive a screen similar to this:

Enter at the username and phone me @ 012 803-2939 or 082 783-9275 to get the password or phone Nico 082 77 22 55 6 if you can’t get hold of me.


Once everything is there – click connect-


I t will initially tell you only some services were available – that is fine – just tell it to only request those in future.


Then you will see the extra image of the two computers on the task bar at the bottom of the screen.


You may experience connection problems with other internet applications (email) while the VPN connection is active.


Now the rest is to set-up the software Winpack for the telnet connection:




Start with Options and the personal BBS info:  Replace the personal info with your info – change the BBS info to read as it is in this picture:


Go to Options and Comms Setup:  Change Host Mode to read TELNET








Go to Mail Options and change the screen to look like this:


Go to Edit a Script under Scripts:  And select BBS.TXT Click OK


Delete everything in the script and change it to read as follows:



TITLE Telnet connection to a BBS


WAITFOR Callsign :|Winsock error


WAITFOR Password :




When you are finished:


Press the <F10> button & select save, <F10> again and Hide.


If you want to monitor the DXCluster online I suggest you don’t use Winpack but rather the software from VE7CC available for download from .


Once you have installed it you do the following:

Open the software by double clicking it’s icon.


Select configuration and Cluster Telnet

Then type ZS0DLD-1 in the node space and select ADD







Then enter the IP address and the port 7300 in the next screen:


click Add, then Apply, then Exit


Now you will see the call zs0dld-1 in the top.


Now setup your user info:  Enter your call – no password, your name, QTH, Grid, and the cluster ZS0DLD-1 that you usually connect to as well as your e-mail address if you so desire.  Then select OK



If you have done everything right you will get back to the main screen:


Click on connect up at the top next to ZS0DLD-1 if it is not there you have not followed the procedure:


You will get a reply from the DXCluster that looks something like this:

Be very careful not to set too many filters, and restrictions try the WWV page it gives you sunspot data updated every 3 hours the DX page gives you the spots and you can “filter” the display with the tabs along the right hand side…